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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 28, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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our greatest presidents, then barack obama on mt. rushmore. >> to be clear, i don't think we should give up on everything in the constitution. the constitution has many important and inspiring professions, but we should obey these because they're important and inspiring not because a bunch of people long dead favored them two centuries ago. >> in other words, we should pick and choose what provisions of the constitution we should follow. by the way, who gets a choose and we should just ignore the ones that get in the way, you know, like the whole rule requiring that the president of the united states has to be born in america. >> unfortunately, the constitution also contains some provisions that are not so inspiring. suppose that barack obama really wasn't a natural born citizen, so what? >> that's exactly how liberals view the constitution in this day and age, when it stands in the way of implementation of their left wing agenda, just
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ignore it. ironically the constitution gives cbs news ap the people like the good professor, the right to spew this nonsense in the first place, instead of trashing the document maybe the network, maybe the good professor should simply say, thank you. and that's all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next on the record. take it away. >> greta: what a battle, rush limbaugh versus president obama. the two are really slugging it out again, but this time it's personal. >> the president is targeting me now and fox news, the only remaining media opposition, apparently. speaking to the new republic, president said that, quote, one of the biggest factor how the media shapes debate. if an american member of congress is not punished on fox news or rush limbaugh on a bill of common interest then
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you'll see more of them doing it. >> if fox news and i are the only thing keeping the republicans from caving to barack obama on every issue, i'm not paid enough. >> it almost seems to be on parity about a president complaining about the conservative press and going the other way and talking to the people saying the conservative press is doing it wrong. in an interview with the new republic, rather than be focused on the employment situation or the debt, the big problems that obama has are fox news and me. obama said to the new republic, he's getting a lot more done without fox news and rush limbaugh, and the rest of the media is in the tank and the rest of the media has fallen in line. there is no opposition, other than fox news and limbaugh. >> one of the reasons that fox news and i stand stand out like sore thumbs is the rest of the media is gone, in the tank, and the rest of the
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media long ago ceased doing their job, they're not holding obama accountable, they're on board. they are part of the agenda advancement team. >> greta: so why is the the president singling out and blaming fox for a lack of bipartisanship in washington. the political correspondent byron york joins us, why is it? is fox guilty or just doesn't like what fox does or how fox challenges his policy? >> i think this shows that the president thinks he's in for a big fight. if you go back and see when he has brought up fox and when the white house has brought up fox, you'll see when they're in big fights. october. 20 2009 big fight for obamacare, and anita dunn starts talking about fox as a wing of the republican party, blaming opposition to obamacare on fox. singling out fox. summer of 2011, big fight over the debt ceiling at the time. jay carney, white house press secretary accuses ed henry our
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white house correspondent of spouting republican talking points. and now, they get into this fight over more and more spending, a debt ceiling fight and a fiscal cliff fight. the president is talking about fox again. it's what happens when he gets into a fight. >> greta: it would be so much better if he would sort of man up and get in the arena instead of sits on the side line and talks to his comfortable media. pan it's so easy for him to take a shot and come here and be treated with respect and you know he will be here and bill o'reilly will probably treat him respectfully. he'll probably never talk to sean, but sean will be respectful and he won't come here. >> and research has shown that more democrats watch fox than republicans watch some of the other news networks and if you go back to the debt ceiling fight. one. things that angered the white house was republicans were saying repeatedly, the president hasn't put forth a plan. what is his plan to cut spending and the answer was, well, you're just spouting fox
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talking points and that's when you get mad. when you ask them for some substantive commitment on issues what you've seen in the last few weeks. >> we call members of the democratic party every single night. the congressman rupert will come on and congressman ben holland. but it's sort of what i hear from some when they pull me aside, not most, but some is that they get into trouble with their leadership if they come on fox. that there's sort of peer pressure within the democrats. >> well, there's all sorts of enforcement mechanisms for each party, no doubt. parties have the constituencies and organized labor is one of them they don't like to cross the constituencies, what they often do is accuse the other party to be too cowardly to cross their own constituency. >> i guess they've been in the criminal courts where there's strong debate and it's stunning to me that members of a party wouldn't go on either
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msnbc or cnn and think what they're supposed to be, dealing with ahmadinejad or iran and yet, they're like getting into petty squabbles with networks. >> remember what the president said. he said there are lots of republicans who really would want to work with democrats, but they're just afraid of being punished by fox. well, the fact is that there's a lot of significant difference between republicans and democrats on the hill right now. fox news has nothing to do with it. they have significantly different visions of how much money the government should spend and how much it should tax. >> of course, there is a stion,s are more inclined to compromise and i've heard senator harry reid's feet to the fire on this whole budget business because unless he puts a budget on the table, there can't begin to be a discussion to compromise. so, you know, he should call up senator harry reid and tell him to start compromising. >> the president said that for a long time. that he and the democrats are more willing to compromise than the republicans, but
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somehow the compromise doesn't happen. >> and i heard you got locked out of your house today? >> i'm locked in. >> and a little fact known about byron york, locked out of his house today. >> i played lock smith, i'm back in. >> good to know. thank you, byron. we think that hell just froze over, bipartisanship on capitol hill, a group of eight senators, republicans and democrats, proposing a new wide ranging plan for immigration reform. one of those senators, senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. are we going to get bipartisan immigration reform. >> there will be no immigration reform unless it's bipartisan. if you want to talk about the president bringing us together, being a bold leader. in 2007 when we tried to do immigration reford, he folded like a cheap suit when the afl-cio allowed temporary workers and president obama put a sunset on the provision and he destroyed the bill for business. i don't need a lecture from
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barack obama about bipartisanship. he was never very good at it in the senate. if you speak tomorrow about immigration reform, i hope you don't suggest you're going to take a pathway to citizenship and delink it from the border. and if you do, you know what will happen, 20 million illegal immigrants years from now. >> greta: in 2009 i listened to the speech and at the time a democratic house and democratic senate. why would he not take time for immigration reform. because you can't move multiple bills through congress and eat and chew gum at the same time or wasn't his heart in it. >> in 2008 he promised immigration reform in the first year of his presidency and led off with obamacare and that took all the oxygen out of the room. >> greta: he can't do both? >> by the time obamacare was done, took the whole year and
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the place was divided and bitter. and all the political capital we had in that first year of his presidency, he picked the most divisive issue he could find, rather than bringing us together. he passed a bill on party line votes, corn husker kickback, the louisiana purchase behind doors, and if he voted on comprehensive immigration reform in a bipartisan fashion could have been done in 2009. >> greta: there's no rule he could have done one and wait for the next-- >> well, there's a logic to spending your political capital wisely and keeping your word. he promised comprehensive immigration reform in the the first year and didn't lift a finger and here we are, republicans and democrats in the senate leading yet again, on the issue, and i hope the president when he speaks tomorrow will understand to get this done, he's going to have to be a genuine bipartisan partner and not
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create political friction over this. and this will not get done without the president being-- >> and how come the bipartisan senate group today came out and made the announcement about the senate's plan, it's an outline of a plan, knowing that the president was going to go out to nevada tomorrow and announce his. was that, was to undermine the president? >> no, it was to let the president know if you want to get a deal done, if you want to solve the problem, here is a blueprint. you've got eight-- >> couldn't you have waited until wednesday or made a phone call to him. >> i don't know why he's doing this. >> greta: i want to know why you guys did it the day before him. >> we were talking with the white house for a long time and said instead of going in two different directions let's try to come together. we've got to get the house on the board and get the president on board because you just can't pass a bill through the senate and make it law. >> greta: you don't think it's funny you guys came out a day before and took the wind out of his sail. >> i don't think it's funny at all. >> greta: not funny, but
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peculiar. >> the president wants to chart a different path and what i heard he's going to say, he's going to say there's he no need to link a pathway to citizenship to border security. excuse me, mr. president, the last time we provided a pathway to citizenship and didn't secure the border 1986. and i'm not going to do that. we're the not allowing legal status until we secure the border. >> greta: and chuck hagel for secretary of defense. how are you going to vote on that. >> depends what he says on the hearing on thursday, one thing i'm not going to do vote on the new secretary of defense, unless the old secretary of defense leon panetta testifies about benghazi, hillary clinton got away with murder in my view, and how could you have a clear eyed of the threats if you didn't have the
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cables-- >> you had ten hours with her. >> all i can say, our guys tried to ask questions, she is very he good on her feet. deflecting the questions, but she said two things that will come back to haunt her, they had a clear-eyed assessment of threats in libya and they had close contact with the libyan government. i don't believe either one of them. >> greta: is secretary panetta going to testify? >> well, i'm not going to -- i'm going to block hagel from going forward until he does. >> you're going to block it. >> absolutely, why would we not want to understand what happened at the attack itself. what happened for seven hours? why were there no military assets available on september 11th. >> greta: why haven't been called by the house. >> i have no idea. what did the president did? when did the president first get notified of the attack or conflict. what did he do for seven hours, if he did order assets to help the people. when did he give the order or what did he say when they told him there's nothing we can do. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you.
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>> greta: now to former vice-president dick cheney. says he's worried. why? new attempts at gun control could put us on a bad situation. "on the record's" griff jenkins where the former vice-president was gathered at a convention. >> the debate over gun control, gun violence in america is playing out in every corner of the country. we came here to reno, nevada where there is one of the largest gatherings of sportsmen, hunters, gun owners, gun manufacturers to find out how they feel about the very issues that most directly impact them, their livelihood and certainly their passion. >> what are your thoughts on the president's attempts at gun control? >> well, i'm worried what happens here in this situation is that we may end up in a
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situation, or a proposal or proposition that does in fact threaten the rights of law abiding americans. and at the same time, doesn't do anything with respect to the problem. and shootings such as happened in connecticut. and i find especially in groups like the group here, and an awful lot of my folks in wyoming, supported all of these years in congress, are very, very concerned that there isn't adequate regard for the rights of law abiding citizens. we understand that there's clearly a different underway, but one of the things we've done in wyoming with rehe inspect to jackson hole where i live, respect to safety on the schools. we have a deputy sheriff, armed deputy sheriff at the schools in the city and that's probably more effective deterrent than anything that congress seems to be debating at the present time.
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there are many things that we could do to help keep guns away from the people that are wanting to do harm to others, and you know, i don't believe that keeping guns away from lou abiding citizens is going to stop criminals from doing bad things. i've learned that dedication, determination, persistence and the value of hard work, so i think that there's a lot of positive things that can come from, you know, people learning how to use guns responsibly. >> we have, you know, just people that, you know, are crazy in our society and to attempt to eliminate a single pool that they ha tool that they have at their means to harm other people when they have thousands of cools at their access, everything from a chevy pickup truck to a machete, to baseball bat is ridiculous. >> they're taking our rights away not looking at the real problem and issue. they have an agenda. their agenda is to disarm the country.
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how worried are you that president obama's gun control plan threatens the second amendment rights of every law abiding american? >> well, i think a lot of people are. especially after what happened last week. with respect to the-- the d.c. circuit court of appeals, found that operated unconstitutionally with the violation of the constitution on his recess appointments to the national labor relations board. a year ago he put three people on the board claiming that the senate was in recess and that therefore, he could use that power to appoint them, when in fact the senate was not in recess. it's now gone through the courts and we've seen the d.c. circuit, one of the highest court in the land, next to the supreme court, say that what he did was unconstitutional. so the concern is, i think is very real and legitimate that the administration sometimes isn't as cautious or as
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precise, if you will. i mean, there was a deliberate case where in fact, the courts found that he violated the constitution. >> wisconsin sheriff has a message for milwaukee residents, get your guns. in a new radio ad urging people to fight back against criminals saying, calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. sheriff clark joins us. nice to see you, sheriff. >> good to see you, greta. >> greta: so, sheriff, what provoked this ad? >> well, first of all, i have a duty and a responsibility as a law enforcement executive to be honest with the public about the state of things. and in the milwaukee area, the sherman park neighborhood to be specific, a burglary and a robbery problem, a street robbery, basically all over the north side of milwaukee, and because of cuts in law enforcement, 1500 milwaukee police officers furloughed 300-- i'm sorry, three days each,
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that's 4500 fewer officer days on the streets. my agency had to layoff 42 deputies last year, now, i can either sit back and whine about that or i can come up with some new creative ways to get the public involved. i've always seen personal safety as an individual responsibility. so, you know, the calls for service continued to pile up. through no-fault of a street officer, the response times get delayed. and there are certain things that citizens can do to protect themselves against street robberies and dependence burglaries, so, what i'm advising people to do is get in the game. you know, it's simply not enough all the time just to dial 911. i'm not telling people not to do that, but if the wolf is at the door and what i mean by that, if the intruder is already in your home or you're on the street and someone puts a gun up against your head to take your car or wallet, there are some things you can do that you need to think about
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and start preparing yourself today because i want to partner with you, but you need to prepare yourself in this situation. several weeks ago an off-duty milwaukee police officer was approached by a suspects on the street with a gun who demanded his wallet. and instead of reaching for his wallet, the officer pulled his weapon and blasted the suspect and i want that same availability to be had by law-abiding citizens in those situations. now, that's a decision they have to make as to what they're going to do. >> greta: not everyone agrees with you. the milwaukee deputy sheriff's association roy says it's vigilanteism. >> well, i tell you what, if defending yourself or your family inside your home or defending yourself on the street from a would-be attacker is vigilanteism the world is upside down and i would say sign me up for it. people not only have the right, but duty to at least be
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prepared in those situations. >> greta: and let me ask you a quick question and i've got to go. you said you've had to layoff 42 deputies. if you did have n't have to laym off, would you have made the ad or a direct response to that? >> it's not the direct. my budget has been cut for the last several years and this is something, most cities in america are facing this, this thing with public safety resources beginning to dwindle. and so, we have to involve the public more and you have to give them some direction and tell them specifically what their options are and what you want nthem to do. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> greta: a disappearance of fashion mogul's missoni's plane? what was just found. and american wife and mother disappears from turkey and her dream vacation turning into a nightmare for her family. the latest on their desperate search.
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plus hear from the friend who was supposed to be on the trip with the missing woman. coming up. and another surprising news tonight, a queen stepping down from the throne, passing her crown to her son. the latest royal news from europe coming up.
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>> a brand new clue in a mysterious disappearance. fashion mogul vittoro missoni's family disappearing january 4th. did it crash or was the fashion heir kidnapped? with the latest, the case. sarah, what's the clue that they found? >> well, a bag that was on the plane that's gone missing was found in curaco, 120 miles
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away from the arch pell go. it was found by a german tourist and took it home and found it on the 10th of january and didn't explore what it was until much later and found the contact name of the owner of the bag and in touch with the owner because it wasn't a bag na belong to anyone on missoni's plane and left on an earlier flight and wasn't room for his luggage that was gone and the german tourist was able to contact the man and tell his luggage had been found. >> greta: where was it found, like floating in the water, was it washed up on shore to suggest that the plane crashed or someplace else? >> that's not clear from the information we have, but given that it was found by a tourist, it suggested it was possibly washed up on the beach or an area relatively accessible to people who didn't know the island very well. >> was that in a direction from where the plane had taken
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off and headed or was there anything sort of, i suppose, currents could take something someplace elsewhere significant from the point of departure and where they're headed? >> well, the plane would have been heading south towards the venezuelan main land and curacao lies to the best, but there's nothing in between and it's possible that the luggage could have drifted there if the plane crashed to sea. but other explanations as to why the bag might be there. >> there's been no demand for any ransom, but the family remains somewhat suspicious? >> there's certainly been no mention of a ransom demand in the public domain, no information about that. but the family remains open in the last few days, they've called on people here in venezuela, if they have any information if they've seen anything or know anything to come forward. and there's a feeling that this, the finding this bag is a piece in the puzzle and not ready to give up hope.
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>> greta: and boy, the lucky guy who wasn't on the plane with his bag. that's one lucky man. anyway, sarah, thank you. and now to an update on disturbing case we told you about last week. a christian-american pastor in iran, tried, convicted and now just been sentence today eight years in prison in iran. the iranians claim saeed abedini threatened iran's national security by trying to convert islamic to christianity. and he's sentence today one of the most brutal prisons and the pastor's attorney calling it a mockery of justice and the wife who lives in idaho says the family is devastated. a mother vanishes in turkey. she told her houusband she was on the way home, she never got on the plane, and her passport and belongings. and the friend who was supposed to be travelling with
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the missing woman. and a woman abdicating her throne, the latest from across the pond.
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>> an american the mother of two disappears in turkey. she traveled alone to instand bull january 7th and she was supposed to come home january 22nd and never boarded the plane and tonight, police and
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relatives are frantically searching for her. lisa, what do they know about it? the last time they spoke to her what do they know she was going to do. >> they thought she was going to get on the plane last tuesday, greta. the last time she had communication was monday, the day before of her husband could not find her on the flight, told she did not take that plane and it's a tragic story because there's a 33-year-old mother of two young boys, fine years old and 11 years old and avid photographer. this was her passion. and she finally got a chance to go on her first overseas trip. she was supposed to go with a friend, but that friend was unavailable at the last moment and her husband, who i spoke with yesterday, in their apartment. he was fighting back tears telling i was worried about her going on this trip, but when you love someone that much you want to support them and help them to fulfill their dream and he was fighting back tears, last night, he and her brother got on a plane and they went to turkey and they're there in the country today, working with the local officials, and trying to find
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her as best they could. >> did she plan to travel a anyplace else, newark to istanbul. >> newark to istanbul, but there are reports from the friend that she went to side excursionsen went to munich and amsterdam and was in contact with a tour guide what people closest. >> greta: and a weird geographical trip. if you're going to istanbul you're not going to all of a sudden take a day trip to those two spots, there's something peculiar about that, if that's true. >> there's a lot of questions because she was born and raised in the staten island section of new york city, really never left there, never gone overseas so this is not somebody who was a seasoned traveler, but was someone that want today travel and explore the world and take photographs, in istanbul, which is a spectacularly
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beautiful city. >> greta: i understand that. i don't understand flying to istanbul and a day trip to munich. >> munich and amsterdam. those are not day trips. >> there are questions she had been in communication with her family during the nearly three weeks she was gone with one family member or another or her husband every single day. so, they were aware of, you know, her whereabouts and knew what she was up to, stayed in close contact with them and then the mysterious disappearance right before she was supposed to come home, but the husband is heart broken and he's in turkey, i spoke with the state department just a short time ago, and they say that they are working closely with the turkish officials and turkish police and looking up surveillance video whatever is available there to try it get more information on this. >> lisa, thank you. >> greta: and new york congressman michael grimm has been talking with the family and helping with the search and the friend supposed to be on the trip and they join us.
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tell he me, why didn't you go on the trip, any particular reason and why would she go alone. >> at the last minute, i couldn't afford the trip. i have a family of my own, it was a little difficult for me to come up with the funds. >> congressman, i understand you understand that they found at the hostel or hotel where she was staying that they found, they checked the room and saw her passport, the equipment chargers and other items. a seasoned traveler is not going to even go to go get dinner without taking a passport. so, that strikes me as odd. of course she wasn't seasoned, but you're former fbi, so tell me what do you think? >> well, you just hit the nail on the head. she never left the country before, she's not a seasoned traveler. the idea that she had her ipad and cell phone with her and left the chargers and everything behind telling she wasn't planning on leaving in a long time. might have stepped out to get a bite to eat. and other thing, she actually
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went to germany aamsterdam, she was gone several days and sent pictures back and liked to photograph bridges is my understanding and she did send that back and she was skyping with her children at night and things like that, she was gone several days travelling in europe. >> mike lena, the trip to munich and amster dam, was that part of the trip or add on. >> no, it was part of the original plan she want today see as much as she could of the country and really loved it, architecture, she was fascinated with it and want today get the most that she could and that was part of it. >> greta: what's she like is she an outgoing person or shy? tell me about her. >> sarai is extremely adventurous, she loves life, she's a giving person, very caring, but she's also very street smart. so she's not going to disappear, if isn't her character, so it's not, that's not even a question, but she -- it's crazy to think about
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when you have to put someone into words what are the words you're going to pick and you really can't think of much other than you know, just smile and just remember that she's-- she's incredible. >> greta: and congressman, is turkey cooperating with the state department and are they aggressively helping us? >> yes, i'm very pleased to say i've spoken with both ambassadors and with the state department. we have the chief of the state department down there working very closely. the one good thing, if there's a good thing here, istanbul has a very, very good police department. a lot of them have already been trained with our fbi, so they're taking this extremely seriously. they've elevated it to the highest levels and i've spoken with those both in our government and abroad that have elevated it to the highest level and taking it as serious as they can and they're doing everything possible. both governments are doing everything they possibly can. i'm very comfortable saying that. >> greta: it's a terrifying story and i hope there is some good news soon and if you'll both come back if you hear any
7:38 pm
news, because well, like i said it's one of those terrifying stories for this family. thank you, both. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: and senator lamar alexander says the president has a bad habit of forgetting there is a u.s. senate. what does senator lamar alexander mean about that. we'll tell you and an exciting week for miami heat's lebron james. what were the nba champs two most amazing moments? they're caught on camera, you're going to see them yourself. two minutes away.
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. >> greta: lebron james has quite a week. president obama welcoming them honored for 2012 nba championship victory and support of our troops and their families and lebron james tweeting a kid with a dream from akron, ohio and with the prez. life is good. you would think that's the most exciting thing to happen to lebron james this week, but
7:41 pm
seems much more excited when he saw a fan do a hook shot from half court and sink it. the unbelievable shot happened during the the miami heat's game against the detroit pistons and the fan won $75,000, the fan was so amazed he hugged-- well, tackled the fan. if you want to see that incredible video, tackled by lebron james, go to the video is there. we're back in two minutes.
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>> did president obama violate the constitution? court appeals for the u.s. circuit says, yes, the recent appointments to the national labor relations board did violate the confusion and the white house blasting the ruling rightfully saying other presidents did it why can't they? answer because it's unconstitutional. and senators declaring victory and we spoke with lamar alexander. >> good to see you.
7:44 pm
>> greta: the obama administration not happy with the ruling from the d.c. circuit saying that the president's appointments are unconstitutional during that pro forma recess. >> well, that's right. i mean, it it said the president made recess appointments the time the senate wasn't in recess and according to article 2, section 2 of the constitution, you can't do that. >> greta: why did it take so long for it to be challenged? i think that's happened a number of times before. >> it it has, but when the president did that we talked about it in the senate and republican senators and we could either blow up the senate and go out in the street and holler, we decided we'll use the system we had and we hired miguel he is strata and he took it to the court and judges unanimously ruled that the president, seeded his constitutional authority and it's an important one. this a part of the constitution that says we don't want a tyrannical executive and that's why we have a country, and went out to mt. vernon last year and reminded me our revolution was
7:45 pm
about restraining an imperial presidency or then a king. >> greta: would not president not have been able to get the appointments through with the democratic senate? what was the problem with the the appointment he had to go to the appointment process? >> well, i don't know what his thinking was, but he has a bad habit of forgets there's a united states senate. the constitution says there are 1100 positions like secretary of state and member of the national labor relations board that require advise and consent of the senate. if you sent someone up here that the senators don't want to confirm, they can't be confirmed. i was that way, president bush the first sent my name up education senator 20 years ago and some democratic senators held me up three months and that's what the senate does. >> greta: a single republican could have held up the appointment. it's not that the senate is-- the senate majority is democrats, so, one single republican could have held up the-- >> no, not really. it's 40 republicans or if 40 senators can block an
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appointment. it takes 40. >> greta: okay, so he would have gotten-- wouldn't you expect his appointments to the nlrb in light of the fact there are so many democrats in the senate, that is the majority, that they would have gotten confirmed anyway? >> neighbor, but in these appointees said we think we can get rid of the secret ballot in union elections by executive order, administrative order instead of passing by law, then i would have vote today block them and so would all of the republicans and never would have made it. so what the president was trying to do by his administrative orders, what the congress went permit him to do. he's forgetting that we have checks and balances. >> greta: with the word out that these appointments were not going to get through if they went through the normal confirmation process? was the rumor on the street that they would get voted against? >> well, not necessarily because he only announced his nomination of them about 20 days before he finally appointed them in this backhanded sort of way.
7:47 pm
so there hadn't been enough time to build up much opposition to. no, he just decided, i think, that he was going to show the senate if congress won't approve what you want he's going to do it on his own and the constitution doesn't permit that. what do you think, senator harry reid thought about that he's the majority leader. >> he complained about it, but in fact senator reid had developed the procedure that president bush had used, when president bush declined to make recess appointments if the senate was in a pro forma session which we were at the time. so what president obama did was violate a procedure that senator reid created under president bush and president bush respected. >> had senator reid gave any indication he was going to fight this with the president. would you think that the leader would defend the institution of the senate. and when president bush made recess appointments, he was sued in court and that's what
7:48 pm
we did in court ap they agreed with us. >> greta: what is pro forma session was as opposed to a recess. >> that wasn't important. what the contract-- let's say you're he a 10th grader taking american history and read the constitution, article 2, section 2. says the president may make recess appointments only during the recess if the vacancy happens during the recess and if you go back to the founding of the country when you took carriages and horse toss washington, it was created for a time when senators were gone for six months or seven months a year. so, what the court said is if the vacancy doesn't so occur during the recess of the congress and the president doesn't make the appointment during that time, during that annual. during the recess between two sessions of congress, it's cuei constitutionally invalid. >> greta: nice to see you sir.
7:49 pm
and new tonight in the still unsolved jonbenet ramsey case, turns out a colorado grand jury vote today indict her parents more than a decade ago and a boulder newspaper reporting in 1999 the grand jury wanted to charge in the death. she was bludgeoned in the home. the prosecutor refused to go forward with the case saying there's not enough evidence. >> greta: and straight ahead, casey anthony may be headed back to the courtroom. what is she up to now? this one is wild. and also, royal watchers hold on to your crown, a long time queen is giving up her throne and a new king is about to be crowned in europe. the latest surprise for the royals coming up.
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>> casey anthony may be headed back to courtroom. today her lawyers say she became experienced with the legal system during the murder trial and now may want to become a paralegal. may help with her financial problems, she declared bankruptcy and according to that, she's 800,000 in debt and most owed to jose bias.
7:54 pm
the biggest news since will or kate announcement. our twitter top favorite of the day. dutch queen beatrice, and we're not talking about queen elizabeth and prince charles, it's the queen of netherlands, the first king in more than a century. news out of syria, "the washington post" tweeted syria's president assad says his wife is pregnant. the regime in a civil war, killed tenses of thousands, let the news slip during a newspaper interview. check out the tweet from south carolina governor nikki haley, watching the bachelor, i'm amazed 25 girls put themselves through the process to fight for the same guy, so not worth it. >> and does cory booker have competition for super hero status. and ken cuccinelli saves a
7:55 pm
trucker from a burning rig. pulling her out of the truck and putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher, you'll remember that mayor booker has come to the rescue saving a neighbor from fire and last week, a dog left out in the freezing cold. findly, and on friday, clinton backers launched ready for hillary super pac and hopes of 2016 campaign. there's no direct be connection between the super pac and secretary of state hillary clinton and tomorrow night, secretary clinton goes on the record. you do not want to miss our interview with secretary clinton, 10 p.m. eastern tomorrow night. so what are your favorite tweets of the day? who caught your attention on twitter? follow me on twitter greta wire and hashtag greta. what would our country be like if a child were president. a new video paints that picture next.
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>> greta: time for last call. our country gained a big pep talk from a little kid. a child releasing an uplifting new video. here sit. >> don't stop believing. if that is your dream. >> be a better friend, keep going, keep


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